The Primal Bookshelf: Review of AGAINST ALL GRAIN

26 Jul

I first met Danielle Walker at Paleo f(x) in Austin, TX. It was over brunch with the blogger crew that I tasted her divine granola. Holy cow! That stuff was addictive.  So, so tasty! Until then I had only heard of her through her blog, but tasting the fruits of her labor

Danielle recently posted her journey from overcoming ulcerative colitis on her site. So often we only see the weight loss success stories about the Paleo lifestyle, but using food as medicine is, in my opinion, the best aspect of the paleo/real food movement.


Sean & I have only recently been getting advanced copies of books lately to review for our sites, so what a nice surprise when we got AGAINST ALL GRAIN in our mailbox!

First impression? WOW. Gorgeous photos and food styling on each and every page.  Danielle’s battle with health issues and subsequent venture to use a gluten-free/dairy-free diet produced lots of genuine replacements for our old school favs – like granola and coconut milk yogurt, to yummy meat dishes and chocolate chip cookies.

I flipped through the book a few times to figure out what I wanted to make first. And then I saw her Banana Porridge… In my pre-Paleo days, when I was first told of my gluten sensitivity, oatmeal was my JAM. I made an epic oatmeal chock-full of goodies – nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fresh fruit (my fav was adding in frozen mango and the hot oats would heat it up) and the kicker? A spoonful of peanut butter. Very tasty, very much not paleo… I still miss oatmeal, and cereal, sometimes, so I was eager to try out Danielle’s porridge. MG_6135-640x392

Yes, I live in Southern California, where it’s almost always 70-something & sunny…but not always. The past few days have been particularly gloomy & gray, especially near the ocean where I live. PERFECT weather to test out the Porridge. Super easy recipe, just requires some planning ahead as you have to soak the nuts. With a food processor and your finger, the porridge comes together like magic. Can’t wait to try out some other recipes, too!

Against All Grain hits the shelves on Tuesday, July 30th! Pre-order on Amazon now!


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