Primal Bookshelf: Review of FERMENTED by Jill Ciciarelli

6 Aug

Sean and I have been lucky enough to get on the right list to receive advance copies of Victory Belt books – and this year’s Paleo Book Season is full swing. Our mailbox has been flooded with books from Danielle Walker, Sarah Fragoso, Stacy Toth & Matt McCarry and Bill Staley & Hayley Mason to name a few!

We first met Jill Ciciarelli at Paleo f(x) this past spring in Austin, TX.  She joined our house for the event along with her husband, affectionately known as “Dude” – and if there’s ever been instant friends, it’s us four. Combine our mutual love for dry humor and Alex Trebek, and you have immediate friendship. I’m so glad I have Jill & Dude in my life! That just makes her book all the more meaningful to me – for the love of kraut, go buy this book and get to FERMENTIN’! Fermented Cover LARGE

Fermented foods go way beyond sauerkraut and pickles – Jill’s got a recipe for everything under the sun. Kombuchca, vinegars, fermented fruits & veggies – even drinky drinks like hard cider and sangria! Fermented sangria? YES. I’m so excited to get started. Coconut milk yogurt also looks yummy! Oh, did I mention the photos? My good friend Bill Staley is a BOSS at shootin’ food (and people…and dogs 🙂 ) and this book looks simply clean, fresh and magically delicious.

Adding fermented foods to your daily plate will send thousands of healthy bacteria troops to your gut. The health benefits are endless. Jill goes above just recipes here – you can feel the love for fermented foods & the science behind it.

Jill has given us a season-by-season guide to fermenting your own foods at home – now you have no excuse. Though, be warned – fermenting takes TIME. Be patient and pay attention to your science experiments and reap delicious results so good your gut will be singing. The book hits shelves today, August 6th…Go buy FERMENTED now!


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